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A Walk to Remember
Lori Jackson

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About Lori Jackson

In May of 2014, Lori Jackson was shot and killed by her estranged husband. She was only 32. Her mother, Merry was also seriously wounded. Lori left behind her toddler twins, and countless friends and family members who loved her giving, kind and generous spirit.


Her family has continued to advocate for those facing intimate partner violence. Since the tragedy, they have worked with Connecticut state and federal legislators to prevent individuals under a temporary restraining order from accessing and purchasing firearms. While this legislation is now in effect in Connecticut, they continue to work at a federal level to make this a national law.


Losing a loved one to domestic violence not only affects the immediate family. It leaves behind a trail of devastation within the community. Those experiencing the aftermath of a domestic violence incident often need mental health support, as well as other services when they are struggling with the trauma of senseless violence.


“The impact this had on us is so widespread,” says Lori’s sister, Kacey. “Her death left not just our family devastated, but coworkers, extended family and friends devastated as well. I think we normally just think of the immediate family, but the impact of domestic violence is so much bigger than just the immediate family.”


You can register for A Walk To Remember below. Walkers use their peer-to-peer fundraising page to raise awareness and support of BHcare's domestic violence programs, mental health services for adults and children, substance use disorder programs and suicide prevention and wellness. 


We hope you will walk with us and for Lori or someone near and dear to your heart who may have lost their life to or are survivors of domestic violence, mental health issues or substance use.

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